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what if, obliviate.

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Dear Wendell and Monica Wilkins,

Hi, I’m Hermione Jean Granger, and today is my wedding day. I’m getting married to my friend, Ronald Weasley. I told you about him before, but of course, you won’t remember….

Hi, mum and dad. How’s Australia? I hope you like it there… 

I went to the Forest of Dean the other day. It is exactly as I remember it when we all went when I was little.   But of course, you wouldn’t recognize even one thing from there.

I miss you both so much. I’m so sorry. I didn’t know how else to protect you guys. 

There’s no known cure to bring the memories back. 

I miss you both horribly. I wish you were here to see the life that I am about to start. 

You both were fantastic parents and I’m so sorry that I haven’t told you that enough. I’m getting married in a couple minutes. I promised myself that I would let you guys go and make this easier for me, but it’s been so hard. I had to let you know and somewhat be a part of today. 

There’s no day that goes by where I don’t think about you guys.

You’ll both be a part of my life even though I’m no longer a part of yours.

Thank you for everything, I love you both.

Forever your daughter, 

Hermione Jean Granger.

THIS JUST MADE ME BAWL AND SOB AND HEART-CLENCH WRENCH SOBZZZZ. I never thought, what if Hermoine never got back her parents? ): such a brave and strong and smart girl (:

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I don't really expect anyone to reply to this, just posting cause yeah :/

I got 3 ryeowook photocards with my album today, don't ask why lol SM failed so hard. Giving them away, anyone wants? :D I'll send it over~! Treat it as a Christmas present.

highly doubt anyone will want this, lol. Just.. posting it.

Narnia's showing on TV later! :D can't wait omgggggg. MAMA's showing too, but since I know SuJu's not gonna be there/ not gonna win I won't waste my time.
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12 stages of loss

forgot to post my competition piece on my blog /facepalms/ It's been a draft for idk how long ._.

title: 12 stages of loss
rating: pg
pairings: sungmin/everyone
summary: in which Sungmin has progressive memory loss, how he loses and finds himself again (with the help of Super Junior).
A/N: MANY WORDS. Longest shizz I ever wrote. iam_paranoid and yearofus were the ones that pushed me to do this, followed it through with me. If I had done it alone I'd prolly have given up and thrown it away. So yes. HAHAHA. I guess this was when I started whoring min out too :D

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okay. here goes nothing.

I solemnly promise to reduce my over excessive usage of smileys by, say, end of this holidays?

but I always get kinda freaked when someone replies w/o using smileys cause I'd think they're pissed but I think it's just me so uhm, yeah :/
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Happy Birthday to my dearest 15boys!

It's officially your birthday. I got to know you in 2007 but only became a fan in 2009. Thankyou for all the joy and hope you have given me, your hardworking and perseverance is a constant source of inspiration. You have shown me what is truly brotherhood, the meaning of "all for one and one for all". I love all of you not just because you are another idol group, but because I can see the love you have for each other, as well as for your fans. You put your 101% in everything to get where you are today. You've been through so much, from accidents to unhappy incidents to members MIA-ing. But no matter what, I know you will stick together as one family and get through everything. You definitely deserve all that you have achieved, from music awards to recognition in all fields. No matter what others say, I will always prom15e to 13elieve and wait for the day when Super Junior stands on stage as 13/ 15 again.

Your music cheers me up on a bad day, and inspires me to work harder. There's not a single song of yours that I don't like. I know that you put in your best effort for every song that you sing. I feel extremely privileged to have seen you twice and taken a picture with you once. Being at your performance live is totally different from watching it on YouTube. I hope that every fan will be able to watch you perform live at least once in order to experience the magic of the pearl sapphire blue ocean.

No matter what happens in the future, we will always be here for you as ELFs. I hope to see you achieve greater heights in the future.

슈퍼주니어, 사랑해요, 생일축하해요! (:

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