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I will try to finish this because I have whole new resolve 8)

Title: Crimson Needs [1/?]
Genre: au!supernatural, drama, romance
Pairings: To be revealed
Rating: PG-15
Summary: What if you fell in love with someone, and the only way to keep him alive is to give him your life?
Disclaimer: The boys ain't mine T.T

Leeteuk sighed deeply as Heechul stomped around the room, screeching and howling about his misplaced hairbrush. "Yah, Cho Kyuhyun, if you don't hand over my hairbrush right now you're dead, get it? Dead!"

"Hyung, we're not really alive to begin with." Kibum's muffled voice drifted down lazily from the attic, where he was reading calmly.

"Fuck you, Kibum, it was figurative language and you know it. Now,..." Before Heechul could finish his sentence, Donghae came running into the room, breathless and panting heavily, face slightly flushed.

"I've just made my First Kill!" Silence greeted these words for ten seconds before Zhoumi swooped down from where he was perched on the second floor window and tackled Donghae to the floor, laughing happily as he checked him over. "Oooh, our Donghae! How did it feel like? Human blood is very much different from the juice you always drink, right?"

Donghae sat up and licked his lips dreamily as he reminisced the taste of blood. He could still taste hints of copper in his mouth. "I think I may be addicted, hyung. It tastes heavenly!"

Heechul cackled in delight as he clapped Donghae on the back. "Ah, we have someone who appreciates the taste of blood, finally, after the disappointment dearest Kibummie presented us with.. No?" Heechul cocked his head in the general direction of the attic, as though waiting for Kibum to make a reply.

"Hyung, you know my take on this. I'm not killing and that's final."

Leeteuk frowned slightly as he heard Kibum's words. Kibum was the first Vampling he had ever met that rejected tasting blood. Vamplings were Vampires that had yet to taste blood, and for the first fifteen years of their life they would drink a special juice that was manufactured to imitate the contents of human blood. When they were of age, they would have two years to make their First Kill and at the same time, make the Transition into a full-fledged Vampire. Should they not taste human blood by the time they turn seventeen, they would... That was the problem. Leeteuk had never known any Vampling that had so blatantly expressed hate towards killing and tasting blood like Kibum.

Shindong, Yesung and Zhoumi were still busy congratulating Donghae, while Heechul was still screaming obscenities in the direction of the attic, because he had no idea where that brat, Kyuhyun had disappeared to. Leeteuk began to prepare for Donghae's Transition. He decided that it was time they hung up another Bar, as the old one was simply getting too crowded and was on the verge of collapsing under their combined weights.

Vamplings did not hang from Bars to sleep; they slept in beds like normal humans. Leeteuk finished hammering the last nail into the wall and stepped back, satisfied with his work. He glided gracefully to the first level, where Donghae was still getting fussed over. He could see that his eyes were starting to have that familiar red glint in them, a hungry and devious look. Leeteuk was immensely proud of Donghae for being so successful on his first kill. He remembered Yesung and his first kill; she nearly got away because Yesung had gotten distracted by a passing turtle.

Donghae looked up, still beaming, and saw the new Bar. "Oh, wonderful! Now we'll just have to wait for Bummie and Kyu to join us and we'll be together again!" He grinned and Leeteuk smiled back, not wanting to spoil the atmosphere. That's right, they would be together.. If only Kibum could understand soon.

Sungmin's fifteen year old world had a fixed schedule. Wake up, pray with Siwon hyung, eat breakfast cooked by Hankyung hyung, go to school with Ryeowook, Henry and Eunhyuk, and return home into the awaiting arms of Kangin appa. It was a pattern that had never been broken, and Sungmin was more than willing to keep to this pattern. Sungmin was the third oldest in a very populous family. Kangin was their appa and he had rescued all of them from their various orphanages when he travelled around the world. Henry, the magnae, was from Canada while Hankyung, the oldest was picked up in China. The rest of them had been found all over Korea.

With such a scheduled lifestyle, nothing he had ever learnt would prepare him for this. Having been sent to go grocery shopping in the middle of his nap, Sungmin wandered dreamily out of the house, rubbing his eyes as he struggled to remain awake. Turning the corner, he had bumped into a boy who looked to be the same age as he was. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Sungmin squeaked and apologised profusely. Now that his eyes were fully open, Sungmin gasped as he saw who was standing in front of him.

A boy in a black hoodie and jeans was staring at him with a cold, expressionless look. But what scared Sungmin the most was not the icy stare. It was the fact that the boy had skin paler than anything he had ever seen to the extent that it was almost white, and it was a huge contrast to his clothes. Before Sungmin could remind himself about good manners and being a true man, he screamed, burst into terrified tears and ran all the way home, all the while hollering about seeing ghosts and monsters in broad daylight.

I've written up to Chapter 5! (: Hopefully this will be my first completed fic. LOL.
Tags: fandom: suju, fanfic:suju
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