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Title: Crimson Needs [5/?]
Genre: au!vampire, drama, romance
Pairings: To be revealed
Rating: PG-15
Summary: Kyuhyun and Kibum decide to do something that has never been done in the family. What are their respective motives for doing this? And how do Sungmin and Henry get involved in their First Killing?
A/N: naturedichotomy , I hope you feel much better! (:

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four

"So." Kyuhyun had stood above Kibum, arms akimbo as he tried to look as threatening and menacing as possible.

"So what?" Kibum was unpertubed.

"So you're now a paedophile and you're going to go on a rampage in school, eating up fourteen year old boys with hamster cheeks and a violin?" Kibum rolled his eyes.

"Henry and I are just friends. Friends. Nothing else." Kyuhyun raised an eyebrow.

"Why would you go around making friends? You're so.. So.." Kyuhyun paused, trying to find the right word that would not offend Kibum.

"Introverted? Cold? Antisocial?" Kibum laughed. "Listen up, Kyuhyun ah. I have my own reasons for making friends with that boy, and I'm sure you have your reasons for going to school too." Kibum closed his book firmly and lay down, wanting to take a nap. Before Kyuhyun left the room, he could hear a sigh emitted from Kibum that sounded suspiciously like "Sungmin". Annoyed and slightly disturbed, he flew down to the kitchen to pester Zhoumi. How much did that guy know?

Kibum waited till Kyuhyun had left the attic before sitting up again, leaning against his arm that was brought behind his head. When would I be able to tell them about my Gift? Kibum wondered thoughtfully.

He hadn't meant to look into his mind, really. It just happened. Kibum was just silently reading his book in a secluded corner of the library, when he heard a small disturbance. Glancing up, he saw a small boy plopping down onto a sofa and flipping open a book. Before he knew it, Kibum's Gift was at work again and he found himself getting sucked into the boy's memories. Through the boy's eyes, Kibum relived fourteen years of his existence. It was like watching a spoilt tape. Bits and pieces of his life came flying to Kibum. Kibum saw a sobbing boy, barely four, begging his mother not to leave. He saw a six-year-old running away from his drunkard of a father who was yielding a belt, settling into an orphanage. He witnessed the boy's look of incredulity and wonder at the age of eight, when the owner of the orphanage announced that he was going to have a new family. Through the boy's eyes, he felt his happiness when he was welcomed warmly into the family, his father warm and friendly, his brothers letting him cook with them, listening to him practice his violin, dancing for him, allowing him to curl up in his lap, praying with him. However, Kibum was shocked at the next piece of memory. The boy was in a locked room. He seemed to be five again. His father came in, drunk and murmuring incoherently. Removing his belt, he threw it at Henry, who yelped in pain. "Come here, boy. Little Henry, my personal slut." What Kibum witnessed next was so terrible and devastating that he pulled himself out of the memories with a Herculean effort.

Kibum was messaging his temples when someone tapped his shoulder. He was surprised to see the boy whose memories he had looked into, shifting on his feet timidly as he tried not to look at Kibum in the eye. "I'm sorry but it's my first time at the library, could you please tell me where the books on music are kept?" The boy looked so lost, so unsure that Kibum didn't have the heart to tell him that it was his first time at the library too. The two had proceeded to bond over some music books. Kibum observed that the boy would flinch at any sudden movement or sound, and his eyes darted around nervously at his surroundings.

Kibum closed his eyes again. He really needed some extra rest. He had been getting tired easily, and the Vampire instincts in him were not helping either. Kibum had found himself staring at toddlers with an inexplicable thirst sometimes, and he would find himself growling. This made him feel uncomfortable, and only served as a reminder of how his seventeenth birthday was approaching. He still had not made his First Killing, and his body was beginning to get uneasy, showing minor signs of change. He had a growing urge to hang on the bar with others too.

What would happen to him if he did not do it in three months' time?


Henry took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Kibum's house was scary, alright. It looked menacing from the outside, cobwebs covering all the windows. Henry wondered if it was because they had just moved here, and didn't have much time to do cleaning. When the door opened, Henry nearly gagged at the stench that was coming from inside there. Ignoring the person who had just opened the door, he ran down the front steps and out of the creaky gate and coughed for all he was worth, breathing in huge gulps of clean air thankfully.

"Excuse me, who're you looking for?" A voice brought him back to his senses. He looked up to see a man with red hair grinning at him. However, it wasn't the friendly type of grin, it sent shivers running up and down Henry's spine, and he briefly wondered who he was, and if all of Kibum's relatives were like this.

"I want to talk to.. To.. Kibum" Henry stammered.

The man's grin got wider, if possible. "Well, come in, come in, we'll be glad to have you.."

Henry was really scared now. He was about to politely decline the offer and go home; he could always talk to Kibum in school anyway, when a flurry of activity ensued behind the man that was still beckoning Henry towards him. Kyuhyun's head popped out behind the man, and his eyes widened to see Henry at the door.

"Uhm. Just. Just give me a minute, Henry, I'll get Kibum out." Henry nodded profusely, relieved that he would not have to step into that place. He watched as Kyuhyun tugged the man back into the house, and the door shut firmly.

Henry decided to occupy himself by counting the number of shrubs in Kibum's front yard. When he got to shrub number twenty three, Kibum came out of the front door. Finally.

"Er.. I was wondering if.. You'd like to come to my church this weekend, because we're supposed to bring a friend each and I don't have much friends at school apart from Ryeowook and Sungmin and Eunhyuk but they've all got their own friends and I wanted to bring someone for once instead of going with Siwon-hyung, because he talks to the pastor only and it gets really boring, yknow?" Henry said everything in one breath, and concentrated in the ground again, afraid of Kibum's rejection.

"I'll go." Kibum murmured softly, looking at Henry with an odd look in his eyes. "Now, I have to go study.. Excuse me for now, Henry."

Henry nodded again as he watched Kibum disappear through his front gates.

"Hey, Kibum!" Kibum whirled around again, eyebrows raised.

Henry's ears were crimson red as he said, "Sorry for asking.. But.. Does your family have a history of athelete's feet?"

Kibum's laughter only caused Henry to be even more embarrassed.

"Kyuhyun and Sungmin, you're a pair. Do well!" Ms Lee smiled, glad the pairings had gone so well.

Sungmin turned around and grinned at Kyuhyun. "Isn't it cool, we're a team for the Literature project! Now, would you like to come to my house today after school? I feel like we should get started as soon as possible! Omo, I'm so excited!"

Kyuhyun glanced at the boy having a mini spasm next to him. "Yeah, okay, sure." He propped his head on his hand, leaning his elbow on the table and fell back asleep.

Kyuhyun nearly choked on the fresh air in Sungmin's house. It was really worlds apart from what he was used to at home. He stood awkwardly at the door, waiting for Sungmin to invite him in. The boy had bounded into the living room and skipped to the kitchen, totally forgetting about his guest.

"And Siwon-hyung and Hankyung-hyung are still at work, they'll be back in a few hours! Our house is really neat, I know, everyone says that, well Ryeowookie's the only one responsible for that! I swear he spends half his time picking up after Hyukkie only! And.. Why are you still at the door, Kyu?"

Kyuhyun sighed. "I was waiting for you to invite me in."

Sungmin tilted his head to the side, pondering for a moment, large chocolate brown eyes widening at his sudden realization. "Ah, your manners are so perfect Kyu! Come in, come in!"

I combined 2 chapters into one this time, lol. So I think it went past 1000 words (finally). I've been living like a nomad nowadays, it's always wake up --> plop self down in macs and study --> home and the cycle repeats :/ Also, scratched the whole of Chapter 9 because I wasn't feeling happy with life. Not going shopping tmr, but studying instead. Oh my gosh, the pathetic life I lead astounds me ):

Thanks to everyone who have been commenting on the chapters regularly! Cheesy as it sounds, your comments do spur me on to write more. (And hopefully, better)

I'm well again! Apart from a cough and a runny nose. My poor friend has sinus and apparently it's making her have a toothache too ): Get well soon!

(Lol everyone should start getting used to my weird rants at the end of every chapter.)

oh oh yeah I got reminded! the reason why kyu was waiting for min to invite him in is because vampys can't enter a house w/o invitation. Got the idea from Dracula. Spooky aite? :/
Tags: fandom: suju, fanfic: suju
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